Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Title: Zipped In
Author: Peter Muller
Theme: Beverly Hills 90210
  • 20a: Symbolically destroy at a public rally (BURN IN EFFIGY).

  • 27a: Kelly Ripa, notably (CO-HOST).

  • 35a: Mistress, sometimes (KEPT WOMAN).

  • 40a: 1986 Louis Gossett Jr. film with three sequels (IRON EAGLE).

  • 45a: Yogi Berra pitched it (YOO-HOO).

  • 49a: Location with an associated number hidden in 20-, 27-, 35-, 40-, and 45-Across (BEVERLY HILLS).

Okay, let's get the obvious out of the way first. It's weird to have 6-letter theme entries alongside 9-letter non-theme entries when they all run across. It's just not normally done. If the theme weren't explicitly spelled out, solvers would be pulling their hair out trying to figure out how MELODRAMA and MAXISKIRT fit the theme. Other than that, I thought this theme was fine. Of course, I never noticed what was going on until the puzzle was finished, so it wasn't any help. But none was needed. Such is often the way with Monday puzzles.

Sorry, no pix today. In a hurry.

The rest:
  • 1a: Portrayer of Felix in the movie "The Odd Couple," or Oscar in the TV series "The Odd Couple" (JACK). Jack Lemmon and Jack Klugman.

  • 5a: Hall of Fame catcher Carlton (FISK). Worthy of a Red Sox tag.

  • 15a: "Midnight in the Garden of Good and ___" (EVIL). I own this movie and I started watching it twice and still haven't gotten through it. One of these days...

  • 16a: South American capital (SUCRE). Sucre is the constitutional capital of Bolivia; La Paz is the administrative capital.

  • 17a: Soap, frequently (MELODRAMA).

  • 29a: South American capital (PESO).

  • 31a: Name that's an alphabetic trigram (STU).

  • 39a: Omar's role in "The Mod Squad" (LINC).

  • 42a: Terminate (LET GO). Not a phrase we want to see in this economy, thanks.

  • 55a: "Orange Sky" singer Murdoch (ALEXI).

  • 56a: Bad garment choice for a Rockette (MAXISKIRT).

  • 60a: "Broca's Brain" author Carl (SAGAN).

  • 62a: Lake surrounding Mohawk Island (ERIE). Erie rule.

  • 3d: Jazz vibraphonist Tjader (CAL). Didn't know it, but didn't see it.

  • 4d: Etch A Sketch control (KNOB).

  • 5d: Drive (out) (FERRET).

  • 6d: "___ Young Man" (Trump reality special) (IVANA).

  • 18d: Kirsten of the "Spider-Man" movies (DUNST).

  • 21d: Some bridge hands (EASTS). Yeah for bridge clues.

  • 24d: Whiz (PHENOM).

  • 29d: Socialite Mesta (PERLE). Who? Didn't see this clue either.

  • 38d: ___ infallibility (Roman Catholic dogma) (PAPAL).

  • 57d: George's brother and collaborator (IRA). Gershwin.

Suns of Bitches:

Thanks for listening.

- Pete M.

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