Monday, September 29, 2008

The Setting of the Sun

This just in from Peter Gordon:

Tomorrow is the last edition of the New York Sun. I will continue to
publish the puzzles I have in the pipeline, but I'll have to charge for
them, since the Sun will no longer be paying the authors. Once those run out (probably in early March), if I don't have 2,500 subscribers paying a dime a puzzle, then I'll probably stop. So spread the word! As to where the puzzle will be, I don't yet know, but if you go to



there will an announcement on one of those.


Of course, you can check in here as well.

- Pete M


Austin said...

That is very sad news.

Do you think he'll give a recommended donation amount? I would be willing to contribute something.

Pete M said...

He's already mentioned an amount. Ten cents per puzzle, which is a bargain for the kind of quality puzzle you get.

Jet City Gambler said...

Very sad news indeed. Peter published my very first puzzle about five years back, which was very cool. I'll certainly subscribe, forty bucks a year is nothing for the quality of Sun puzzles.