Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Title: Water World
Author: Caleb Madison
Theme: Movies with a type of body of water in their title
  • 17a: 1999 Bill Pullman movie (LAKE PLACID).

  • 25a: 2003 Sean Penn movie (MYSTIC RIVER).

  • 35a: 1992 Harvey Keitel movie (RESERVOIR DOGS).

  • 48a: 2001 Ben Affleck movie (PEARL HARBOR).

  • 58a: 2003 Tobey Maguire movie (SEABISCUIT).

Nice Monday theme, aptly titled via the reference to another water movie starring Kevin Costner. My only tiny quibble might be that "Lake Placid" isn't really in the same league as the others in terms of film quality, but that would be judgemental wouldn't it? Okay you got me, "Pearl Harbor" was pretty bad too.

Let's make this quick so I can watch the Red Sox:
  • 5a: Cardio-boxing regimen developed by Billy Blanks (TAE BO). You had me at cardio boxing, though I do recognize the name Billy Blanks -- it shows up in puzzle clues all the time.
  • 10a: Occasion for many senior moments? (PROM). Hmm... subtle sexual innuendo? What "moments" are we talking about here?

  • 20a: Canada-based merger partner of Coors (MOLSON). Mmmm... beer.

  • 21a: "I Fall to Pieces" singer Patsy (Patsy CLINE).

  • 22a: "The Bronx ___" (1979 Sparky Lyle book about the Yankees) (ZOO). I just saw the fill-in-the-blank; didn't even read the whole clue.

  • 30a: Franz Liebkind is a retired one in "The Producers" (NAZI). Even if you've never seen this play, which I haven't, you need to know it's about Nazis.

  • 43a: Spicy Filipino dishes (ADOBOS).

  • 47a: He announced Biden as his running mate with a text message (OBAMA). As a puzzle constructor, I have to laugh at those who think that the fact that OBAMA shows up in puzzles more than MCCAIN is some left-wing plot to give OBAMA more publicity. It's about the vowels people! OBAMAs and ALITOs will always outnumber MCCAINs and KENNEDYs. Get over it.

  • 55a: Farming machine (REAPER). Don't fear it.

  • 63a: Like Atahualpa's subjects (INCAN).

  • 64a: Rainbow Man had a colorful one (AFRO).

  • 66a: 1984 skiing gold medalist Phil (MAHRE).

  • 7d: Future World setting (EPCOT). I'll be there next week. Can't wait.

  • 8d: Shrovetide pancakes (BLINI).

  • 13d: Influential folks (MOVERS). Shakers, too, I guess.

  • 18d: Pear, e.g. (POME).

  • 23d: Baseballer Vizquel who holds the record for most games played at shortstop (OMAR). That's a piece of trivia that I didn't know, but I didn't read that part of the clue anyway. ___ Vizquel would have been enough.

  • 36d: Virus in "The Hot Zone" (EBOLA). Ick.

  • 38d: Pashmina source (GOAT). It's a fabric made from goat wool.

  • 39d: "___ Guys Have All the Luck" (Rod Stewart hit) (SOME).

  • 43d: Army attack helicopter (APACHE).

  • 46d: Big name in armored cars (BRINKS).

  • 51d: Elephant in Jean de Brunhoff books (BABAR).

  • 60d: Kaplan of Yo La Tengo (IRA). I've listened to Yo La Tengo, but I couldn't have named any members. Luckily, it's a common first name. Here's a taste.

Nice, easy puzzle. That's all I've got to say.

Go Sox!!

Thanks for listening.

- Pete M.


Joon said...

i believe this is the third time i've seen IRA clued as mr. kaplan of yo la tengo. the most recent time was also in the sun, three months ago.

Pete M said...

I probably won't remember it next time, either. :)

Joon said...

one man's yo la tengo is another man's klute.