Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Note: I'm on vacation (DisneyWorld) this week with little to no access. I wrote this post last week before I left, and it is going to be briefer than usual. Also, don't be offended if I don't respond to comments. See you next week.

Title: So Sioux Me
Author: Laura Sternberg
Theme: Crazy "HORSE" (phrases that contain the letters HORSE in some order).
  • 17a: Place where arrangements are made (FLOWER SHOP).

  • 23a: What an exchange student might experience (CULTURE SHOCK).

  • 31a: University of Paris, familiarly (THE SORBONNE).

  • 47a: Travel organization with the slogan "Adventures in lifelong learning" (ELDER HOSTEL).

  • 55a: Subway fare? (HERO SANDWICH). This feels vaguely redundant to me -- a hero is a sandwich -- but that's a minor nit.

  • 66a: Sioux chief (and what can be found in the circled squares?) (CRAZY HORSE).

Here, six nice theme entries are given a little extra breathing room from the 15x16 grid. I like that all of the scrambled HORSEs span two words in the theme entries. And the title makes me smile to the point of forgiving any nits I might harbor.

The mostly-unadulterated works:
  • 7a: Pro Bowlers' org. (NFL). Did you notice the capital B? That changes it from a bowling org to a football org. Nice clue.

  • 10a: Liver disease, for short (HEP C). Hepatitis C. Proof again that the Sun plays by different rules than the Times, which eschews reference to disease.

  • 14a: Director with complete control over a film (AUTEUR).

  • 15a: Brett's opposite number at Giants Stadium (ELI). Both the Giants, quarterbacked by ELI Manning, and the Jets, quarterbacked by Brett Favre, play their home games at Giants Stadium.

  • 16a: Renuzit target (ODOR).

  • 19a: Lily of the ___ (plant in the amaryllis family) (NILE). VALLEY didn't fit.

  • 21a: "All seats are sold" sign (SRO). Standing room only.

  • 22a: Davis of "Do the Right Thing" (OSSIE).

  • 27a: Milan fashion house (ARMANI).

  • 30a: Podcast source (ITUNES).

  • 36a: Golden Fleece quest ship (ARGO).

  • 37a: Handy (OF USE).

  • 42a: Rally ender, often (SMASH). In tennis.

  • 46a: Like the WTO (INTL).

  • 50a: Eponym of the New York City mayor's mansion (GRACIE).

  • 54a: Not on the road (AT HOME).

  • 59a: Note that Kenny G held for 45 minutes, 47 seconds (E-FLAT). Pick-a-letter-from-A-to-G FLAT

  • 60a: "Phenomenon" judge Geller (URI).

  • 61a: Any piece in Robert McG. Thomas Jr.'s book "52 McGs" (OBIT).

  • 65a: Super day in the U.S.? (TUES).

  • 71a: Schoolyard challenge (MAKE ME).

  • 72a: Cheers for picadors (OLES).

  • 73a: Correspondent Samantha of "The Daily Show" (BEE). She is hysterical. Love the show. Love Samantha Bee.

  • 1d: Go with the wind (WAFT).

  • 2d: Hoop or skirt preceder (HULA).

  • 3d: Hugh Laurie's alma mater (ETON). This is the dude that plays Dr. House on "House, M.D.". If you've seen the show but never heard him off the show, you'll be amazed at how British he normally sounds. I was.

  • 4d: Anchors can be seen on them (NEWSCASTS).

  • 5d: Pool hall stick (CUE).

  • 7d: Indira Gandhi's maiden name (NEHRU).

  • 8d: Blow away (FLOOR).

  • 9d: Projecting edge (LIP).

  • 10d: Island that's second to Java in population (HONSHU).

  • 11d: Light-headed person? (EDISON). Yeah, okay.

  • 12d: Regulate (POLICE).

  • 13d: Streams (CREEKS).

  • 18d: JFK jet, once (SST).

  • 22d: Prefix meaning "bone" (OSTEO).

  • 24d: Game with red, yellow, green, and blue cards (UNO).

  • 25d: Asia Minor money (LIRA).

  • 26d: "Ich bin ___ Berliner": JFK (EIN).

  • 27d: Deposit sites (ATMS).

  • 28d: Baba au ___ (RHUM). Mmmmm...

  • 29d: Cactus League city (MESA).

  • 32d: Garrett of "'Til Death" (BRAD).

  • 33d: Closely examine the figures? (OGLE). Cute.

  • 34d: Roulette bet (NOIR). Black, in French.

  • 38d: They have barbs (FISH HOOKS).

  • 40d: Part of a quarter note (STEM).

  • 41d: ___ Girl (former Seventeen rival) (ELLE).

  • 43d: Stickup (HEIST).

  • 45d: Spender of bahts (THAI).

  • 48d: Thompson of "Howard the Duck" (LEA).

  • 49d: Like aspirin: Abbr. (OTC). Over-the-counter.

  • 50d: "___ Love" (1997 Da Brat hit) (GHETTO).

  • 51d: Get more gas (REFUEL). Went with REFILL first.

  • 52d: Female cat in "Garfield" (ARLENE).

  • 53d: Ocean liners? (COASTS).

  • 56d: Nightingale, e.g. (NURSE).

  • 57d: Des Moines university (DRAKE).

  • 58d: Best Musical of 1975, with "The" (WIZ).

  • 62d: Marcia's "Desperate Housewives" role (BREE). Aww, no "Klute" clue? ;)

  • 63d: Schools of thought (ISMS).

  • 64d: Left and right ends? (TEES). Cryptic letter clue.

  • 67d: Peruvian singer Sumac (YMA). Crossword staple.

  • 68d: Bears (HAS). As in "bears a striking resemblance", I suppose.

Decent puzzle. No complaints.

Thanks for listening.

- Pete M.


Joon said...

i actually knew this BREE clue, despite never having watched the show. (i did try BRIE first. mmm, brie...)

the most minor of technicalities: the giants and jets play their home games in the same building, but it's only called giants stadium for giants games. when the jets are the home team, it's just called "the meadowlands."

as for kenny g, it wasn't going to be CFLAT or FFLAT, that's for sure. and given that he plays a sax, it was almost certainly going to be EFLAT or BFLAT, because you'd think he'd pick a note that doesn't involve fingering.

hugh laurie is a fabulous, amazing actor whom i first encountered in his role of bertie wooster in the BBC's jeeves & wooster series. it is absolutely mind-boggling that he is the same guy who plays house, because the two characters could not act or sound more different.

Laura Sternberg said...

Thanks for your comments! Hope you're having a great vacation!