Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008

Title: Weekend Warrior
Author: Karen M. Tracey
Theme: None

Sunny Spots:

  • 17a: Luau fare (ROAST PORK). Mmmmm... now that sounds good.

  • 40a: Brand of cream liqueur (BAILEYS). Booze tag.

  • 40d: It's under Wayne Manor (BAT CAVE). Easy, but I like it.

  • 1a: The IJsselmeer was part of it before construction of the Afsluitdijk (ZUIDER ZEE). This felt ever-so-vaguely familiar, but not enough to get it without using all of the crossings. And let's face it, the clue was insane.

  • 15a: Pushy, perhaps (OBNOXIOUS). I've run into a lot of these people this past week. Funny how Christmas, a season that should bring out the best in people, often does just the opposite.

  • 18a: River landing place (LEVEE). Can't think levee without my head going here.

  • 22a: Fusion predecessor (ATRA). Shaver names.

  • 23a: Mr. Spacely's first name on "The Jetsons" (COSMO).

  • 27a: Sitcom alien's home (ORK). "Mork and Mindy" here.

  • 30a: With a slight slur, perhaps (TIPSILY). Funny, I don't usually consider tipsiness an attribute of one's speech, but rather of one's ability to walk straight.

  • 36a: Title Pixar robot (WALL-E). I finally saw this recently. It was pretty cute.

  • 42a: 2008 N.L. Cy Young Award winner Lincecum (TIM). Two baseball first names in the same puzzle? Can't find anyone else named Tim?

  • 44a: Lady chapel locale (APSE). I'm not sure what the "Lady" part is for.

  • 47a: Half of catorce (SIETE).

  • 53a: Shop cleaner (WET/DRY VAC). I've always heard it called a Wet Vac, whether it does both or not.

  • 57a: Stress, in a way (ITALICIZE). I've seen this style of clue often enough that it fell right away.

  • 59a: Fancy fabrics (LAMÉS).

  • 61a: Pet for Hamlet (SNERT). From Hägar the Horrible.

  • 62a: Marmaduke, e.g. (GREAT DANE). Continuing the comic theme.

  • 1d: 1969 Tony nominee for Best Musical (ZORBA).

  • 4d: "Three Soldiers" novelist (DOS PASSOS). I think the last time I saw this name was in another KMT puzzle, though I could be wrong.

  • 9d: Some kayakers (ESKIMOS).

  • 12d: Old name for a tomato (LOVE APPLE).

  • 14d: Alternative to cat's pajamas? (BEE'S KNEES). A quick gimme, which helped drop this section.

  • 30d: Dish rack accessories (TEA TOWELS). We never called these tea towels, always dish towels. But it's funny, we had this discussion with some Canadian friends just a couple of weeks ago.

  • 31d: 2006 Spike Lee caper film (INSIDE MAN). I haven't seen this yet, but I think it's on my Netflix list.

  • 32d: What "Saturday Night Live" players are not ready for, supposedly (PRIME TIME). Gimme.

  • 46d: Grace's last name on "Will & Grace" (ADLER). No idea. Got it from crossings.

  • 50d: The Minnesota Twins retired his #6 (OLIVA).

  • 51d: Hoodwink (COZEN). Cool word.

  • 54d: Bar in a bar (REST). Sheet music, not pubs.

Suns of Bitches:
  • 16a: Amin overthrew him (OBOTE) crossing 10d: 2008 World Series MVP Hamels (COLE) is the tough name crossing of the day. I guessed ABATE/CALE.

I found the NW to be the toughest, except for the above-mentioned guess-the-vowel name crossing. But overall it felt just about right for a Weekend Warrior.

Hope you all had a nice Christmas.

Thanks for listening.

- Pete M.

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