Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Title: The Measure of a Man
Author: Caleb Madison
Theme: Names with units of measure embedded in them.
  • 18a: Director of "Caddyshack" [0.75 teaspoons] (HAROLD RAMIS).

  • 33a: "Sledgehammer" singer [0.0000001 joules] (PETER GABRIEL). A much better song off the same album, in my opinion, is "Mercy Street". Just beautiful music.

  • 41a: Cofounder of Atlantic Records who was chairman of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [39 47/127 inches] (AHMET ERTEGÜN).

  • 61a: His statue is on top of Philadelphia City Hall [1 coulomb per second] (WILLIAM PENN).

Okay, let's get this out of the way. Ahmet Ertegün?? On a Monday? Are you kidding me? I consider myself a fan of music in general and rock and roll in particular. I've been to the Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. And when I filled in (completely from the crossings) AHMETERTEGUN, I was certain I had a mistaken crossing. After dutifully checking and rechecking and finding no errors, I decided I had to Google the name, but I honestly didn't even know where the first name ended and the second began. So I entered the whole name and let Google suggest the proper alternative. Which, by the way, got 222,000 hits. This is not a large amount in Google space.

Besides that, Pete, how'd you like the theme? Well, I actually liked it fine. The title is inspired, and the concept is great, with each unit spanning the first and last names of the (some more) famous (than others) people.

Sunny Spots:
  • 37a: Bible book with the line "For unto us a child is born" (ISAIAH). I just got back from a live performance of "Messiah". The Christmas season can start now.

  • 59a: Quick trip to buy a six-pack (BEER RUN).

  • 68a: Brand owned by Pabst (STROHS).

  • 48d: Pub-crawl (BAR HOP). Enough for a booze tag.

  • 1a: Like Leroy Brown (BAD). I would have preferred "BAD BAD", but that's okay.

  • 10a: "Funny Girl" actor Sharif (OMAR). Also a fine bridge player.

  • 15a: Steven of "Under Siege" (SEAGAL).

  • 17a: Coral reef (CAY).

  • 22a: Welcome place to wipe one's feet? (DOORMAT). Why the question mark? Seems like a pretty straight-ahead definition to me.

  • 23a: Game played both on land and in water (POLO). Well. They're both called polo, but they're not exactly the same game.

  • 24a: Oaxacan affirmative (SI SI).

  • 29a: Man in a suit? (KING). Reference to playing cards.

  • 31a: 1997 sci-fi blockbuster, informally (MIB). "Men in Black".

  • 40a: Home of the Braves (NL EAST). Cute clue.

  • 51a: 2002 A.L. Rookie of the Year Hinske who struck out to end the 2008 World Series (ERIC).

  • 63a: Leon Uris bestseller, with "The" (HAJ).

  • 67a: Radiohead lead singer Yorke (THOM). I have a couple of Radiohead CDs, but I didn't pay attention to the singer's name until I heard the following tune from P.J. Harvey, which is worth a listen.

  • 3d: Fluorescent pigment brand (DAYGLO).

  • 9d: "We're No Angels" actor ___ Ray (ALDO).

  • 11d: "Dancing Queen" musical (MAMMA MIA).

  • 21d: Beef patty? (COWPIE). Does this count as toilet humor?

  • 25d: "Yes" man? (SIR). Someone you say "yes" to? I'm not quite sure I get where this clue is going.

  • 34d: Subway and bus system of Boston, familiarly (THE T). Do people outside New England know this?

  • 38d: Ill-tempered and scolding (SHREWISH).

  • 39d: Seat of Texas's Potter County (AMARILLO).

  • 44d: 1962 Paul Anka hit (ESO BESO). Both halves of this show up often enough that you should know it instinctively.

  • 50d: Gentile (NON-JEW). This would seem more normal the other way around (i.e., Non-Jew cluing GENTILE). Non-Jew just doesn't feel like a legitimate word.

  • 57d: Houlihan portrayer on "M*A*S*H" (SWIT).

Suns of Bitches:

  • 41a: Cofounder of Atlantic Records who was chairman of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [39 47/127 inches] (AHMET ERTEGÜN).

In conclusion: Ahmet Ertegün? On a Monday?

Thanks for listening.

- Pete M.


Norrin2 said...

The only thing I can add is -- Ahmet Ertegün? On a Monday?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Ertegun and The T. (I don't think I called it The T even when I lived in Boston.)

Ertegun was known to me, but he lived and died within a few miles of where I'm sitting. But I agree he's not a Monday kind of guy.

Joon said...

AHMETERTEGUN? on a monday?

Pete M said...

The "T" is definitely referred to as such, and I knew the answer immediately, living not that far away. I just wonder if it's something people from, say, Kansas or Idaho are expected to know.

On the other hand, I know the BART -- but only from puzzles. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your link to The Messiah. Thank you. I've never seen YouTubes that turn the pages of the written score along with the music. I hope I can find more like that.

In my experience, "non-Jew" is a common word.

(Misunderstanding about the Boston transit system. I agree that "The T" is its familiar name. Didn't mean to imply otherwise.)

Joon said...

maybe the "sat on keyboard" tag could be wheeled out again in honor of AHMETERTEGUN.