Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Title: Cross Sections
Author: Lee Glickstein
Theme: Phrases that end in newspaper sections
  • 20a: 1988 comedy with Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin (BIG BUSINESS).

  • 37a: Monthly fashion magazine (IN STYLE).

  • 52a: College knowledge (LIBERAL ARTS).

  • 11d: They can take a joke (GOOD SPORTS).

  • 27d: "Back to the Future" theme (TIME TRAVEL).

Straightforward Monday theme, covering five sections of the local newspaper.

Sunny Spots:

  • 31a: Convertible (SLEEP SOFA).

  • 44a: Like some partners (SAME SEX).

  • 33d: Result of reading the fine print, maybe (EYE STRAIN).

  • 17a: Established principle (AXIOM).

  • 18a: Knowledgeable person (MAVEN).

  • 25a: Sweet bread spread (NUTELLA). I've never had this.

  • 30a: "National Velvet" novelist Bagnold (ENID).

  • 40a: WWI song by George M. Cohan (OVER THERE).

  • 60a: Season starter? (PRE). Less than two weeks before pitchers and catchers report!

  • 3d: Sasha Baron Cohen title character on an HBO show (ALI G).

  • 4d: Splotched (BLOBBED). Is this really a word? Really?

  • 5d: English diarist Pepys (SAMUEL).

  • 6d: Small cup for coffee (DEMI-TASSE).

  • 7d: Roll player (PIANO). A player piano plays rolls. Your average everyday piano does not. Or is roll here meant as some style of music (as in rock and roll)?

  • 24d: Dumb cluck (ASS).

  • 34d: Warren's "Bonnie and Clyde" costar (FAYE).

  • 48d: The E of EGBDF (EVERY). Every good boy deserves fudge (or does fine). There was a puzzle recently with this very theme.

  • 52d: Rickey flavor (LIME). Booze tag.

  • 54d: "Forbidden Games" director ClĂ©ment (RENE). Didn't see the clue. But it's a common French name.

  • 55d: Baseball Hall of Famer Speaker (TRIS).

Suns of Bitches:

Not much to say. Typical Monday.

Thanks for listening.

- Pete M.


Joon said...

lime rickeys are alcoholic?

Pete M said...

I always thought they were. Apparently they can go either way.