Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Title: Totally Slick, It
Author: Ogden Porter (Peter Gordon)
Theme: Rhymes with "icket"

  • 20a: Character in "Pinocchio" (JIMINY CRICKET).

  • 37a: Unlikely source of wealth (LOTTERY TICKET).

  • 52a: Pseudonymous author of "A Series of Unfortunate Events" (LEMONY SNICKET).

A straightforward rhyming scheme today, which is standard Monday fare. Only three theme entries here, but they're all pretty snazzy.

Sunny Spots:
  • 10d: 1975 #1 hit for the Bee Gees (JIVE TALKIN'). A great reminder of how terrible music was during the mid-70s.

  • 3d: "Bein' Green" singer (KERMIT). Arguably the best Muppet song ever. So simple; so powerful. Love it.

  • 29d: Commuting a sentence, e.g. (ACT OF MERCY). Nice fill.


  • 1a: Sommer of "Deadlier Than the Male" (ELKE). Isn't it funny how things tie together sometimes. Here's Elke with the above-mentioned Kermit the Frog.

  • 5a: ___ and Gomorrah (SODOM).

  • 10a: Photo file format (JPEG).

  • 14a: Tavern on "The Simpsons" (MOES).

  • 18a: Tiger Beat's target audience (TEENS).

  • 19a: Spot checkers? (VETS). Spot as in the dog's name. Very cute.

  • 25a: Alamogordo event of July 1945 (A-TEST). It's always a guess whether this is going to be A-TEST, H-TEST, or N-TEST.

  • 30a: "The Pirates of ___" (PENZANCE). Classic Gilbert and Sullivan.

  • 33a: Challenger astronaut McAuliffe (CHRISTA). I watched this tragedy live on TV. It still ranks among the more horrific experiences in my life.

  • 40a: One who might hail a cab? (WINO). Does this mean cab as in cabernet? If so, I'm not sure I get the "hail" part. And either way, all I can really say about this is "Ugh!".

  • 41a: Brand of rum (BACARDI).

  • 42a: Very quickly (IN A FLASH).

  • 59a: Interjection of annoyance (BEANS). I've never actually heard anyone use this in this way, that I can recall.

  • 63a: Remarkable thing (LULU). Awww... give me a "To Sir With Love" reference anyday!

  • 66a: ___ turn (skiing maneuver) (STEP).

  • 1d: Key of Anton Bruckner's Symphony No. 7 (E-MAJOR).

  • 6d: Dyson rival (ORECK). Both brands of vacuum cleaner.

  • 7d: One who commits a crime, in police slang (DOER).

  • 8d: Atlanta arena that hosted the 1988 Democratic National Convention, with "the" (OMNI).

  • 30d: Shrink (PSYCH). I'm not 100% sure whether this is a noun or a verb here.

  • 37d: Bellybutton buildup (LINT). Ewwww.

  • 40d: Xbox alternative (WII).

  • 43d: Moon vehicle, for short (LEM).

  • 45d: Invite to dinner, say (ASK OUT).

  • 46d: Tachometer part (NEEDLE).

  • 47d: Really enjoys (EATS UP).

  • 49d: "First Look" cable channel (MSNBC).

  • 54d: 1994 film directed by Michael Apted (NELL). Not terrifically hard to figure, but it still doesn't feel like a Monday clue to me.

  • 58d: Murphy Brown's TV show (FYI).

Suns of Bitches:
  • 23a: Giants defensive end Umenyiora (OSI). This seems like a stretch for a Monday, but again, this is a New York-centric newspaper.

  • 49a: 1978-2002 Kenyan president Daniel arap ___ (MOI). Am I in a time warp here? I could have sworn it was Monday. Excusez-MOI!

  • 22d: Second baseman Matsui (KAZ). Okay, no New York excuse here; this guy plays for the Houston Astros.

Well, the theme was certainly Monday-ish, but many of the clues and fill seemed much more mid-to-late-week to me. Not that the puzzle was that hard overall; it really wasn't. It's just that a few of them kind of surprised me. Still, I liked the puzzle just fine.

Thanks for listening.

- Pete M.

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Joon said...

au contraire--KAZ matsui played for the mets when he first came over from japan. he was supposed to be the shortstop version of ichiro!--they even moved jose reyes to 2B for him at first. but it didn't all work out that way. OSI umenyiora is an all-pro who should have been the super bowl MVP (well, him or justin tuck).

i can make no excuses for daniel arap MOI. wow. he almost forced me to do the roman numeral math until i noticed that the missing letter was between two Is and therefore had to be another I.