Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Title: Themeless Thursday
Author: Will Nediger
Theme: NA

Happy Thursday, y'all, the Green Genius here. I've only got one hour to blog this puzzle so we'll be hitting the high spots only. I kinda hate to give this puzzle short shrift cuz it's a good one, especially if you like long answers. How could you not like a puzzle that has SLACK JAWED YOKEL crossing TEENAGE WEREWOLF.

But if that's not enough, Will Nediger bought us all several rounds of drinks, maybe ONE TOO MANY (3d: Drinker's excess). Too many alcoholic beverages can have the same effect as NEPENTHES (16a: Forgetfulness potions). We got to listen to WU TANG CLAN (2d: Ghostface Killah's group) on our CAR RADIOS 52a: (Sources of moving music.) When I reviewed the puzzle after I finished it, I saw CAR RADIOS as CARR ADIOS, which I would clue as "Farewell to singer Vikki"

I learned something about basketball: 55a: "The Big ______ (nickname for Shaquille O'Neal) ARISTOTLE. According to Wikipedia, Mr. O'neal is also known as "Shaq," "The Diesel," "Shaq Fu," "The Big Daddy," "Superman," "The Big Agave," "The Big Cactus," "The Big Shaqtus," "The Big Galactus," "Wilt Chamberneezy," "The Big Baryshnikov," "The Real Deal," "Dr. Shaq" (after earning his MBA), and, most recently, "Shaqovic." So if your favorite player doesn't have a nickname now you know, Shaq took more than his share.

I got to see one of my favorite mascots 54a: Mascot with a letter (MR ZIP) who seems to be more or less retired these days.

Speaking of retired, the man with the most home runs as a catcher made an appearance in this puzzle 28d: 1993 rookie of the year (MIKE PIAZZA).
That's all I've got time for this week. If there's a word you missed, you'll find it here:

1a: Gave a damn? (SWORE).
6a: "Who's there?" response (ITSJUSTME).
15a: Capital city in northern Africa (TUNIS).
16a: Forgetfulness potions (NEPENTHES).
17a: Mushroom producer (ATEST).
18a: Ties (DEADHEATS).
19a: Walsh of "Private Practice" (KATE).
20a: Four gills (PINT).
21a: Ant-B-Gon maker (ORTHO).
22a: Producer of Coldplay's "Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends" (ENO).
23a: Two-times (CHEATSON).
25a: Sour (GOBAD).
27a: Jock's tutor, maybe (GEEK).
28a: Umami taste trigger (MSG).
31a: Vertexes (ACMES).
32a: City with a Paul Klee museum (BERN).
33a: Good vitamin C source (KIWI).
34a: Cletus of "The Simpsons," for one (SLACKJAWEDYOKEL).
37a: Take a nosedive (TANK).
38a: Green-lit (OKED).
39a: Fall fall, sometimes (SLEET).
40a: "___ Time at All" (Beatles song) (ANY).
41a: One-named Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar winner (CHER).
42a: Did a jeté (LEAPT).
43a: One who caters basely (PANDERER).
45a: "Think" sloganeer (IBM).
47a: Supernumerary's holding (SPEAR).
50a: 40% of fünf (ZWEI).
51a: Actress of "Fame" fame (CARA).
52a: Sources of moving music? (CARRADIOS).
54a: Mascot with a letter (MRZIP).
55a: "The Big ___" (nickname for Shaquille O'Neal) (ARISTOTLE).
56a: Gem holder (BEZEL).
57a: Stopgap (MAKESHIFT).
58a: Plugged-in (AWARE).
1d: Item in a camper's backpack (STAKE).
2d: Ghostface Killah's group (WUTANGCLAN).
3d: Drinker's excess (ONETOOMANY).
4d: Be upwardly mobile? (RISE).
5d: Biblical suffix (EST).
6d: Not from a major studio (INDIE).
7d: Michael Landon played one in 1957 (TEENAGEWEREWOLF).
8d: Like blood at some crime scenes (SPATTERED).
9d: President Bartlet's first name on "The West Wing" (JED).
10d: Remove, as a clip-on bow tie (UNHOOK).
11d: Back in the water? (STERN).
12d: "Imagine ___!" (THAT).
13d: ___ mouth (dental problem for some drug addicts) (METH).
14d: One of the Seven Sisters of the petroleum industry (ESSO).
20d: Advanced degree (PHD).
23d: Vineyard container (CASK).
24d: Fax machine button (SEND).
26d: Call's companion (BECK).
28d: 1993 N.L. Rookie of the Year (MIKEPIAZZA).
29d: Rose with pink flowers (SWEETBRIER).
30d: Having an expensive coat? (GILT).
31d: Film role for Skippy (ASTA).
32d: Italian casserole (BAKEDZITI).
33d: Caffeine source (KOLA).
35d: Mr. Big's first name on "Sex and the City" (JOHN).
36d: Flemish river (YSER).
41d: Gemologist's units (CARATS).
42d: Gift from a wahine (LEI).
43d: Diagram, as a sentence (PARSE).
44d: Zeroed out (RESET).
46d: Bowling pin material (MAPLE).
47d: Hustle (SCAM).
48d: Legal prefix (PARA).
49d: Actor Palladino (ERIK).
51d: Cox's sport (CREW).
53d: Cry a channel surfer might hear a few minutes after the final ticks of "60 Minutes" (DOH).
54d: Dubya's degree (MBA).
Boy, that's hard to believe, considering every business he turned his hand to tanked,

Have a great Thursday. Norrin

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Joon said...

speaking of teenage werewolves, what would a 19-year old constructor know about having ONE TOO MANY? hopefully not too much. oh wait, will nediger is canadian, and the legal drinking age in ontario is 19.

beautiful puzzle. it's early days, but this is my favorite themeless of 2009, narrowly edging out peter wentz's 1/3 NYT.