Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009

Author: Frnk Lng (Frank Longo)
Theme: Essentially themeless, but vowels are removed and there's no Y.

I love these puzzles. They're so... puzzley. Since I'm running late, and since it's not always obvious what the fully vowelled answer is, I will list all the answers and reduce my comments considerably.

  • 1a: Director Godard (JNLC). Jean-Luc.

  • 5a: Alternative to a true-false test (MLTPLCHCQZ). Multiple choice quiz.

  • 15a: Having tender tootsies (FTSR). Footsore.

  • 16a: Mixture that can kill (LTHLCMBNTN). Lethal combination.

  • 17a: Disappears gradually (FDST). Fades out.

  • 18a: Place reviewed in Fodor's (TRVLDSTNTN). Travel destination.

  • 19a: One who thinks logically (RSNR). Reasoner.

  • 20a: Making global in scope (NTRNTNLZNG). Internationalizing.

  • 21a: Result of bad reception (STTC). Static.

  • 22a: Caps and gowns are worn for them (GRDTNS). Graduations.

  • 23a: "O Canada," for one (NTHM). Anthem.

  • 24a: Emetic syrup used in treating accidental poisoning (PCC). Ipecac.

  • 25a: Garden outside Jerusalem that was the scene of the agony and betrayal of Jesus (GTHSMN). Gethsemane.

  • 30a: Gallery with paintings, sculptures, handicrafts, etc. (MSMFFNRTS). Museum of fine arts.

  • 33a: Christmas tree decoration (RNMNT). Ornament.

  • 34a: Errata list (MSPRNTS). Misprints.

  • 35a: Getting people up in arms (CSNGSTR). Causing a stir.

  • 37a: Simulated, as a Civil War battle (RNCTD). Re-enacted.

  • 38a: Deep-fried Chinese appetizers (SPRNGRLLS). Spring rolls.

  • 40a: When tripled, a classic Christmas carol (LTTSNW). "Let it Snow".

  • 42a: Rock to sleep (LLL). Lull.

  • 43a: Tangled up, as shoelaces (NKNT). In a knot.

  • 44a: Totally dries up (DSCCTS). Desiccates.

  • 46a: Hot dog topping (RLSH). Relish. I went with CTSP (catsup) first.

  • 47a: Final performance run-throughs (DRSSRHRSLS). Dress rehearsals.

  • 51a: Camcorder insert (VDTP). Video tape.

  • 52a: Periodical put out by the same parent company (SSTRPBLCTN). Sister publication.

  • 53a: Edible green head (LTTC). Lettuce.

  • 54a: Team that won Super Bowl XLI (NDNPLSCLTS). Indianapolis Colts.

  • 55a: Small, active bird (TMTT). Tomtit.

  • 56a: High schoolers' advisers (GDNCCNSLRS). Guidance counselors.

  • 57a: Catch in a web (NSNR). Ensnare.

  • 1d: D.C. landmark whose interior walls contain excerpts from the Declaration of Independence (JFFRSNMMRL). Jefferson Memorial.

  • 2d: Body with 100 members (NTDSTTSSNT). United States Senate.

  • 3d: Cause not to have so great an effect (LSSNTHMPCT). Lessen the impact.

  • 4d: Good food, warmth, etc. (CRTRCMFRTS). Creature comforts.

  • 5d: Temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid (MLTNGPNT). Melting point.

  • 6d: English majors take them (LTRTRCRSS). Literature courses.

  • 7d: 1982 courtroom drama starring Paul Newman (THVRDCT). "The Verdict".

  • 8d: Bees do it (to flowers) (PLLNT). Pollinate.

  • 9d: Shedding light on (LCDTNG). Elucidating.

  • 10d: Advances aggressively (CMSNSTRNG). Comes on strong.

  • 11d: Done regularly and frequently (HBTL). Habitual.

  • 12d: Formally declare to be a saint (CNNZ). Canonize.

  • 13d: Sound bite, e.g. (QTTN). Quotation.

  • 14d: Dividing into districts (ZNNG). Zoning.

  • 26d: 1956 uprising during which Soviet forces invaded Budapest (HNGRNRVLTN). Hungarian Revolution.

  • 27d: Theme song of Arthur Godfrey's radio shows (SMSLKLDTMS). "Seems Like Old Times".

  • 28d: Psychiatric hospital (MNTLNSTTTN). Mental institution.

  • 29d: Becomes a factor (NTRSTHPCTR). Enters the picture.

  • 31d: Make global substitutions in a text document (FNDNDRPLC). Find and replace.

  • 32d: Novel featuring Hester Prynne, with "The" (SCRLTLTTR). "Scarlet Letter".

  • 36d: Complete moral purity (SNLSSNSS). Sinlessness, I assume. Not my favorite entry.

  • 39d: Phones someone (PLCSCLL). Places a call.

  • 41d: Bathroom fixture (WSHBSN). Wash basin.

  • 45d: Fancy handwriting embellishments (CRLCS). Curlicues.

  • 47d: Throwing water on (DSNG). Dousing.

  • 48d: Lived (RSDD). Resided.

  • 49d: Join temporarily, as a jam session (STNN). Sat in on? This doesn't feel quite right, as SAT IN should be plenty. But I can't think what else it would be.

  • 50d: Al Pacino drama based on a Peter Maas book (SRPC). "Serpico". Tried SFLV ("Sea of Love") first.

The last time one of these came out (about a year ago, and predating this blog), I wrote to Peter Gordon asking if there'd be more. He said there would be a book of them available sometime this past fall, but I have not seen them yet. This puzzle's title (if you can display enough of it)indicates that it will be out "sometime this spring". I hope it's soon, because once a year is not enough for me. I really enjoy these a lot.

Thanks for listening.

- Pete M


Orange said...

Looks like "this spring" means June. I heard through the grapevine that test-solving and proofreading an entire book's worth of these puzzles is wickedly hard, which may account for the lengthened production time.

Jim Finder said...

I agree, "sit in" matches the clue, "sit in on" or STNN does not.
Yours in grammar,

Jim Finder said...

Arggh, "sit in on a jam session" = "temporarily join a jam session." So I now disagree with myself. STNN is OK. Thanks for listening.

Joon said...

i think the clue is right. "join temporarily" is a transitive verb phrase, and "sit in" is ... well, it's transitive if you're talking about a chair, but intransitive if you're talking about a jam session. you can't sit in a jam session, but you can sit in on a jam session.