Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

Title: Weekend Warrior
Author: Karen M. Tracey
Theme: None

Everything at Once:

  • 1a: Ballet pose (ARABESQUE).

  • 10a: My brothel's keeper? (MADAM). I love this clue. I'm sure I'm not the only one who read it as "brother", not "brothel", the first time around.

  • 15a: "Chapel of Love" group, with "the" (DIXIE CUPS).

  • 17a: Neither fore nor aft (AMIDSHIPS). This was the first fill I entered, and it helped break out the whole section.

  • 18a: Ease up (RELAX).

  • 19a: Semirigid colloids (GELS). Very scientific sounding, isn't it.

  • 20a: Word "go" (ONSET). As in, "from word 'go'"...

  • 22a: 1944 Physics Nobelist (RABI). Had everything but the A from crossings, and the A just felt right.

  • 26a: Eccentric wheel (CAM). I tried HAM first, but CAM is more literal.

  • 28a: She's behind Biden in the presidential line of succession (PELOSI). Speaker of the House.

  • 30a: LP Field player (TITAN). LP Field is where the Tennessee Titans play.

  • 33a: "Keeping Up With the Steins" actress (JAMI GERTZ). I got this one through crossings and Zen. I really don't know who she is. Oh, wait! She's the girl from "Crossroads" (the Ralph Macchio one, not the Britney Spears one).

  • 37a: One taken in (ADOPTEE). Nice clue.

  • 38a: The Lone Ranger, for one (MASKED MAN). This was easier once I realized that Tug McGraw was the baseball player and Tim McGraw was the singer.

  • 41a: Red dwarfs (M-STARS). Luckily, I had the M before I saw this clue, so I didn't have to guess.

  • 45a: Guitarist at Woodstock (SANTANA).

  • 52a: Prime time (YOUTH). This one baffled me for a bit longer than it should have. Probably because I'm not there anymore.

  • 53a: Littermate of Rover (FIDO).

  • 58a: Little skill (APERY). That's Rich Little, and I've seen this exact clue recently, so it didn't fool me.

  • 59a: Listing (AT AN ANGLE). Excellent.

  • 60a: Bridge positions (WESTS). Not the most exciting of bridge clues, but a bridge clue nonetheless.

  • 61a: Provide sympathetic attention (LEND AN EAR).

  • 6d: "Danke ___" (1963 Wayne Newton hit) (SCHOEN). I wasn't sure of the spelling here at first, but got it eventually.

  • 7d: Fruity bread spread (QUINCE JAM). Very nice!

  • 8d: Swedish university city (UPPSALA).

  • 9d: European Capital of Culture for 2010 (ESSEN). Erie rule.

  • 12d: Central Park theater (DELACORTE). I had no idea. Which is why this section was the last to fall for me. Between this and CAM and RABI and JAMI GERTZ, there was some guessing going on.

  • 13d: Figurine material, perhaps (ALABASTER).

  • 14d: Makes as big as possible, as a computer window (MAXIMIZES). A little too easy, don't you think?

  • 25d: Spanish city known for its aqueduct (SEGOVIA).

  • 29d: Anathema (LEPER).

  • 30d: "Live Like You Were Dying" singer (TIM MCGRAW).

  • 31d: Like rough-and-tumble kids, frequently (IN A SCRAPE).

  • 34d: Museum Mile milieu (MANHATTAN).

  • 39d: Get going (ACTUATE).

  • 48d: Writer ___ Rogers St. Johns (ADELA).

  • 53d: Paavo Nurmi, for one (FINN).

Nice puzzle, with good scrabbly letters. Not as tough as many -- I was able to come in under 20 minutes, which is damned good for me for a KMT/WW. And I was ahead of that pace until the NE corner slapped me down.

Thanks for listening.

- Pete M.

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