Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Title: Roman Wrestling
Author: Tony Orbach
Theme: Names that are anagrams of "ROMAN".

  • 3d: Joanie Cunningham portrayer on "Happy Days" (ERIN MORAN). This one's a gimme for me. I watched a lot of "Happy Days" in my day, even after they jumped the shark.

  • 7d: 1997 A.L. Rookie of the Year (NOMAR GARCIAPARRA). I should have known this right off, but my brain doesn't catalog things by year. Once I had the NOM-- it was all over. Btw, he married soccer star Mia Hamm, so keep that in mind for future puzzles.

  • 9d: Actress in "The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg" (NORMA SHEARER). Know the name, that's about it.

  • 24d: Actor in "The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg" (RAMON NOVARRO). Didn't know the name at all. Apparently, this Mexican actor played a latin lover in silent films. A bit before my time.

  • 38d: Financial guru who wrote "Women & Money" (SUZE ORMAN). Seen her plenty on cable TV.

This is a really cool theme, nicely placed in a 15x16 grid to accommodate the former Red Sox shortstop. Since he was with the Red Sox when he won the ROTY, we'll give a Red Sox tag.

Sunny Spots:

  • 25a: Class that ends before labor day? (LAMAZE). Very cute.

  • 52a: Drool makeup (SALIVA). Nothing like a good spit clue.

  • 1d: Creep around (SKULK). I had SNEAK to start, which slowed me down. But I like SKULK better, it's a great word.

  • 9a: Phrase on a menu that includes egg rolls and wonton soup (NO MSG). This messed me up, because I thought the phrase included egg rolls and wonton soup, not just the menu. I get it now.

  • 14a: Lagerfeld of fashion (KARL).

  • 17a: Arms of the Mediterranean? (UZIS).

  • 23a: Royal Dutch Airlines letters (KLM).

  • 24a: Sound at the start of an MGM movie (ROAR). From the lion, whose name is "Leo".

  • 30a: A head (PER). I had a mental block on this one, even with _ER. And the crossing was no help at all.

  • 31a: Walker of whisky fame (HIRAM). Booze tag.

  • 33a: Mason of "Chapter Two" (MARSHA). I remember her from "The Goodbye Girl".

  • 42a: David Sarnoff's co. (RCA). Really? This seems like a tough clue for a Monday. Luckily I never saw it.

  • 43a: Like a 45° angle (ACUTE). Less than 90° is acute, more than 90° is obtuse.

  • 51a: First name of a Warner Bros. skunk (PEPE). Le Pew.

  • 59a: Girl, in Guadalajara (CHICA).

  • 64a: Marvel superhero group (XMEN).

  • 67a: Make like a hot dog? (PANT). Cute.

  • 68a: Authoritative expression of permission (SAY SO).

  • 5d: Record label founded by Sean Combs (BAD BOY).

  • 10d: Den drug (OPIUM). Drug reference.

  • 29d: Buy a round, say (TREAT). More booze tag fodder.

  • 34d: Music royalty gp. (ASCAP).

  • 39d: Ike's command in WWII (ETO). European Theater of Operations.

  • 40d: One with a pre-K kid, maybe (X-ER).

  • 48d: Showy flower (DAHLIA).

  • 49d: Got along with minimal effort (SLID BY).

  • 51d: Car radio button (PRESET).

  • 53d: Slush Puppie lookalikes (ICEES).

  • 55d: Tonalpohualli calendar user (AZTEC). Let me guess. Peter Gordon's clue?

  • 58d: The Lone Ranger's sidekick (TONTO).

  • 61d: Player of the national pastime who became a National (EXPO). Formerly of Montreal, before the team was moved to D.C. and renamed.

Suns of Bitches:
  • 11d: Singer Ronnie (MILSAP). I had no clue on this one, even with MILSA_.

Overall, an enjoyable Monday.

Thanks for listening.

- Pete M.

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