Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday, January 15th 2009

Title: Size Matters
Author: Matt Ginsberg
Theme: You're going to have print this out, kids. Across Lite won't work because we've got enlarged squares, one TALL, one WIDE, and one BIG. We've also got more than one letter per square and I'm not going to go into the whole rebus vs. Cramalot thing because even though I know I'm right I also know I'm in the minority. Anyway, your themed entries are:

33A: Major (BIGTIME)
35A: Hits the jackpot (WINS BIG)

5D: Important guy, in slang (MISTER BIG) Not modern slang, mind you, but very hep in the 1930s.

And my favorite (because the B-I-G does not refer to size): 33D: Bunker, for example (BIGOT)

On to the TALLs:

28A: They often have tiled floors (SHOWER STALLS)

30D: Scored (TALLIED)

And the WIDEs:

55A: Weblike? (WORLDWIDE)

57D: Harvard library (WIDENER)

57D: Far apart, as eyes (WIDESET)

To put the newest denizen of the dictionary to work -- meh. I was underwhelmed by the theme, which seemed familiar and pretty easy to fill in once you knew how it worked. There was some interesting fill however, and as I'm pressed for time this week, what say we hit the highlights and call it a day?

1A: Abnormal contraction (SPASM) I was thinking something like "Dasn't" (for "Dares not") or somesuch. Different kind of contraction.

49A: "Beautiful Girls" director Demme (TED) I thought this movie -- one of my favorites -- was going to appear in last Thursday's puzzle, but it turned out to be "Drugstore Cowboy" instead, so it was interesting to see it show up this week.

4D: Tahini ingredient (SESAME) And tahini in turn is an ingredient in hummus, which I am enjoying right now. Hope I don't get any on your computer screen.

7D: Exemplar of strength (OAK) Had the first letter and couldn't get it. My mind didn't want to let go of OX, even though that word is obviously not tall enough to go here.

26D: Actress Durance (ERICA) The lovely young lady who plays Lois Lane on "Smallvile"

No SoB's this week. Once you got the theme, it was pretty easy.

See you next Thursday.



Joon said...

really? maybe i haven't been around long enough, but the theme seemed to me to be very original and highly entertaining.

also, you missed one of the theme answers (and my favorite clue): 34a "Like, for sure" (toTALLy).

Norrin2 said...

Thanks, Joon. I appreciate the assist.

Howard B said...

I do love puzzles that mess with convention a bit. This was one of those.
Only downside was having to print it on a thin sliver of tree to solve it, but hey. It was for a good cause.